Antelink releases Antepedia Reporter 2.1 and integrates FOSSology

Paris, France - December 3, 2012 - Antelink, the multi-source tracking and open source detection company, who produces the solution Antepedia Reporter, is releasing today version 2.1. Antepedia Reporter 2.1 now includes new display features and fully integrates FOSSology scanning within their bill of material reports.

Antepedia Reporter, will now take the aggregated results of a scan and display them in an activity Dashboard to offer a visual aide in expediting the management of open source software. The Dashboard of Antepedia Reporter illustrates key areas within a software product, by identifying file percentages and numeric values of total open source within any specific category. In addition, Antepedia Reporter now includes a Guest User option that permits the sharing of a completely interactive Bill of Material report with anyone they choose. This feature enables the Guest Users to interact with reported data, as well as empowers software managers with an additional tool to control product development.

Furthermore, Antelink is proud to announce the collaboration of Antepedia Reporter and FOSSology, which aides users in gaining an even clearer portrait of their open source code. The FOSSology project is a compliance tool that provides license information and copyright data for an open source project, on the local level. Antepedia Reporter is a solution that completes a dynamic scan of open source against more than 2 million external projects (3rd Party), and thereby presents a pathway to understand, track, and manage all open source software licenses and potential vulnerabilities. This encourages an efficient and effective use of open source for the qualification of components, and the immediate management of software product lifecycles. Thus, the integration of FOSSology into Antepedia Reporter renders a comprehensive report for the strategic management of all scanned open source software.

As asserted by Guillaume Rousseau CEO, the expansion to include FOSSology license and copyright matching within Antepedia Reporter, assists in the quality, quantity, and consistency of information within Antepedia. These intricate functional enhancements help to advance detection management, and the result is a more robust tool for governing open source software integration.

FOSSology's Bob Gobeille says, The integration of FOSSology into Antepedia Reporter is one of complimentary solutions, where together they work to be the primary solution for users who must detect, track, and acutely manage  open source software. 

About FOSSology

The FOSSology project started out as an internal development effort at Hewlett Packard Company (HP). As part of HP's own internal IT governance process, we needed a tool that would quickly and accurately describe how a given open source project was licensed. Rather than simply collecting a project's advertised license (as given at their website or in their documentation), this tool needed to analyze all of the source code for a given project and intelligently report all of the licenses being used, based on the license declarations and tell-tale phrases that identify software licensing.

Thus was born FOSSology -- "The study of FOSS."

About Antelink

Antelink is a company that specializes in continuous file and component detection for the management, and governance of open source software. Powered by Antepedia, the largest knowledge base of more than 2 million open source projects; Antelink provides certified solutions, which address the challenges related to open source license compliance and security vulnerabilities. Antelink efficiently and securely provides the information an organization will need, when they need it.

Press Contact: Lamar Williams, Sr. Corp. Communications Manager @Antelink

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