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Posted by Felipe Batista
Antelink has always promoted the adoption of open source technologies in the software development process, because we believe that it enables companies to deliver products faster, cheaper, and with higher quality (cf Whitepaper).
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Posted by Felipe Batista
As everyone knows, the popular Open Source compliance tool FOSSology is one of the sources of information used by the Antepedia Reporter to detect licenses on open source components. If you want to take advantage of this source of information, when creating a new Bill of Materials, you can choose to use the FOSSology server provided by Antelink to the community (using secure SSL encryption) or your private server.
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At Antelink, we are all Atlassian's solutions happy users. This is why we wrote and published some tutorials about how to install the Atlassian suite (which includes tutorials for Crowd, Confluence, Jira, Bamboo and Fisheye) several months ago.
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It's a secret for no one, at Antelink we manage really large databases to index projects, repositories, versions, content, vulnerabilities and more... (we previously published some stats about our databases and Antepedia).

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