Reporter 4.2 (STABLE), Jenkins plugin 1.8 are out !!!!! Reporter 3+ are deprecated and need to be upgraded.   The road ahead is filled with new and exciting product developments that are poised to position Antepedia Reporter as an unparalleled leader in Open Source detection management. The...
Posted by Felipe Batista
We are very glad to announce that the very new release of the Antepedia Reporter is now available for download. This version makes the automate generation and management of your Bill of Materials even faster and more reliable. These are the main improvements of the version 3.1
Posted by Felipe Batista
The Antelink team is pleased to announce the new patch of Antepedia Reporter containing the following bug fixes:   FOSSology scan blocks on large files Bill of Materials generated with some empty or inconsistent components Download it now the Antepedia Reporter 3.0.4 to take advantage of...
Posted by Felipe Batista
Antelink has always promoted the adoption of open source technologies in the software development process, because we believe that it enables companies to deliver products faster, cheaper, and with higher quality (cf Whitepaper).

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