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Find the origin of your open source files with Antepedia

Samuel Langlois
Posted by Samuel Langlois

Are you wondering about what is exactly this or this interface.h in your repository? You can now find out if this is an open source file and where does it comes from by searching it on Antepedia.

Antepedia is the open source projects search engine powered by Antelink. It enables you to find the component directly released on different forges and repositories such as Sourceforge, Googlecode or the Maven Central repository. The knowledge base keeps on growing with a 25% increase in 3 months. It contains more than 205.000.000 files.

The Antepedia search engine permits to look for the license of the open source components you are using, and to find back where it comes from. The search engine can give you the key information when you need to upgrade and when you look for support from the project community.

For instance if you are using a file named but you don't know where it comes from, you can now use Antepedia to find out that it is actually a source file of the Spring framework. You can click on the screenshot below to access to the result page on Antepedia.


screenshot results StringUtils java source file in Antepedia

If you want to know more about Antepedia, you should visit the Antepedia use case and the introduction to Antepedia. Or you can directly use Antepedia to verify if your source code has dependencies with open source projects.

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