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How to target your tests with the Release Cooker

Michael Attia
Posted by Michael Attia

Antelink launched the Release Cooker preview a few days ago and presents today screencasts that will help you install and use the repository browser. You will find here a small tutorial on how to target your tests thanks to the Release Cooker.

The Release Cooker is a very useful tool to target the tests, focusing your QA staff on what actually changed in your release.

After installing the Release Cooker and checking how to use it, you can now get a quick view on how to target your tests with the Release Cooker. See what are the steps 

  • Check on which period of time you are looking for
  • Check all the directories that are active during the chosen period of time
  • Check the most active directory
  • Click on the link to FishEye or WebSVN to get what were the last modifications

That's it. The most active directory is where you should target your tests first!

See video

Antelink has just launched the Release Cooker preview. It is free for you to test! If you want to know how to download and install the Release, have a look to the screencast explaining how to install the Release Cooker. And we also provide a screencast so that you learn how to use the Release Cooker.

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