JBoss Cache, most reused project of the week

Michael Attia
Posted by Michael Attia

JBoss Cache is a cache solution for java-based frameworks, application servers and Java SE applications. It ranks 5 on the Project Reuse Ranking as well as other Open Source projects such as SeleniumSmackdwr and testNG.

JBoss Cache helps Java applications performance as it caches the access of frequently used Java objects. JBoss Cache is maintained by Manik Surtani and is under the LGPL license. JBoss Cache proposes two kind of caches. The core cache that caches simples objects and the POJO cache that you use to cache more complex object hierarchies. JBoss cache is developing a searchable edition that links a search indexer to the cache thanks to the Apache Lucene project

JBoss Cache ranks 5 on the Project Reuse Ranking. Compared to other Open Source Java cache, JBoss Cache is less reused. Actually,Ehcache ranks 6 and was one the first project of the week. JBoss Cache is reused by Gazelle and JBoss Seam.

However, it seems that the JBoss Community has stopped putting the JBoss Cache project on top of their project. On the JBoss Cache wiki, the website pushes the visitor to go on the Infinispan page instead and use it in your Open Source project. As explained, Infinispan "does all JBoss Cache does, and much, much more, is more robust, performs better, and has a far more active community". For instance, Antelink asked Manik Surtani to answer a few question.

You are developing a new edition of JBoss Cache, the JBoss Cache Searchable, what is the roadmap of JBoss Cache?

Manik Surtani: "JBoss Cache Searchable was an experimental querying API built on top of JBoss Cache. It was nothing more than a proof of concept. JBoss Cache itself is in maintenance mode and no new development is going on there. All effort is on Infinispan.

With regards to JBC Searchable, this prototype was the base of the querying module in Infinispan."

Infinispan and JBoss Cache share many goals, what are the differences between JBoss Cache and Infinispan?

Manik Surtani: "JBoss Cache was a simple, replicated in-memory cache. Infinispan, on the other hand, is a data grid platform. Since it does both replication as well as highly scalable, partitioned distribution, offers a simpler API and better persistence characteristics which make it more like a NoSQL key/value store rather than a simple cache."  

Why do you prefer the Java community uses Infinispan instead of JBoss Cache ?

Manik Surtani: "Absolutely. That's where all the new and cool developments are happening."

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