Scilab uses Antepedia Notifier to scan open source components in its code

Samuel Langlois
Posted by Samuel Langlois

We are pleased to share the news that Scilab, free and open source software for numerical computation, is now using Antepedia Notifier to scan all the open source components included in Scilab to make sure that they respect CeCILL compliances (the license under which Scilab is released) and their own distribution rules.

For several few years, Scilab research and development team has been involved in ensuring development quality process to guarantee an industrial grade software development. It is within this context that Antepedia Notifier has been chosen by Scilab.

Git is the source code management system of choice at Scilab, and since September the Scilab research and development team has been using Antepedia Notifier to scan all the files in their central Git repository.

Knowing which open source components you use in your code is the first step towards ensuring that you comply fully with the terms of their license agreements, as well as making it easier to keep track of updates to the original code.

Antepedia Notifier works by comparing your code against the nearly one million projects (and no fewer than 500 million files!) in the Antepedia database, which is - as we never tire of saying - the largest database of open source components in the world. It then provides you with a report on all the open source files found.

It is important for us at Antelink to be active participants in the open source community, and for this reason we are pleased to make the Antepedia Tool Suite available for free to all open source projects. Happily, we have discovered that this is an exchange which works both ways - the Scilab team, for instance, is also helping make our software better by suggesting some useful improvements that we are already looking at implementing.

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