Use these free services for Open Source users.

Use SourceSquare


Find out if your are an open source freak or not with Source Square: the free open source scanning engine. And ... it is distributed with 
Gnu Affero Public Licence V3.


See the blog postSourceSquare: your free open source scanning engine.


Antepedia gathers all the free services of Antelink, which is designed to provide software developers a better user experience while developing. 

Antepedia runs on the world's largest Open Source project knowledge base with more than 1,000,000 open source projects and more than 500,000,000 files that are downloaded from  GoogleCode, SourceForge, Maven Central and other sources such as savannah, RubyForge and OW2. 

Search your component on Antepedia

This biggest knowledge base makes Antepedia the finest Open Source project search engine. It provides valuable information about source files, jar, icons... in your repository.

See the use case : Antepedia, the Open Source project search engine
API Documentation : Antepedia Public API



Check Antelink Maven Mirror


As Antelink is close to the Open Source Community, especially the European Open Source Community, we mirrored the Maven Central to speed up your software development.

See the blog postA better user experience with the Maven mirror.


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