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Jenkins Plugin (for stable version of the reporter only)


Reporter tutorial for installation using MySQL instead of default HSQLDB for latest stable RELEASE 4.3.* (Recommended for Server & Enterprise Plans)


Reporter MySQL schema V8 (for latest stable RELEASE 4.3.*)


Reporter MySQL update script from V5 (Reporter 4.0.*) to V6 (Reporter 4.1.*)


Reporter MySQL update script from V6 (Reporter 4.1.*) to V7 (Reporter 4.2.*)


Reporter MySQL update script from V7 (Reporter 4.2.*) to V8 (Reporter 4.3.*)


Reporter Tutorial for detailed installation procedure on RedHat / CentOS


Reporter FAQ for advanced settings

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 or above - Windows XP (2 Ghz processor), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Above - Linux Kernel 2.6 + - 2GB RAM (4GB recommanded) - 2Gb of free space in the main system disk - Java 1.7 + or Oracle JRE 1.7 +  - Internet connection  - NTLM protocol for access behind some proxies not supported.
Supported Browser  Google Chrome 10+ Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 + (Mozilla 12 recommended)  Safari 4 +IE 7 + (IE 9 recommended)

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