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Antepedia Notifier
The solution for continuous open source detection!

Antepedia Notifier detects in real-time, all open source components embedded in a project. It allows the project management team to verify the licenses of detected open source files, while determining their compatibility with current internal licenses.

Antepedia Notifier is the first solution for open source continuous detection. You plug it into your SCM repository (Git, Subversion, or Mercurial) and it checks every source file, resource, and component of your source code, commit after commit.

Every time a developer commits an open source file, Antepedia Notifier will notify you by e-mail or by creating an issue in your JIRA instance.




Antepedia Notifier helps you to:

  • Safely integrate open source components, while proactively managing the licensing of embedded content.
  • Determine whether components are in compliance with the internal licensing policies, and if they pose a danger to a software product.
  • Enforce your license compliance rules
  • Keep up to date with security vulnerabilities
  • Follow every new release of your third-party software
  • Realize gains in time and money, while avoiding costly re-development do to late detection of components with restrictive licenses.



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