Antepedia Reporter ®

  Enforce your 3rd Party License Policy
  Stay aware of Updates & Security Fixes
  Customize & Manage Software Bill of Materials
  Manage you Catalog Components


Antepedia Reporter


Antepedia Reporter allows your developers, project managers, or legal advisors to create reports about the open source components in your code base.

  • Execute license compliance audits and Intellectual property (IP) rights management

  • Generate automatic Bill-of-Materials (BoM) reports

  • Improve collaboration between sofware developers, project managers, and the legal department of your organization

  • Manage your Catalog Components and setup software tracking for you organization

  • Jenkins Plugin

  • Keep up to date with security vulnerabilities

  • Follow every new release of your third-party software

  • Full web inteface, which is quick and easy to use

  • Your source code never leaves your server

  • Free Edition, Cloud-Based service

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