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Antepedia Reporter is the solution to effectively & efficiently manage your open source component integration.
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Pricing is based on limited period subscription, starting with a single month for a single instance.

Other plans are available, FREE, PRO 10, PRO 20, PRO 50, SERVER 100, SERVER 200, ENTERPRISE 500, ENTERPRISE 1 000, and above.

Pricing Comparison Matrix
Pro 20
Enterprise 500
Unlimited number of scans

Scan as many releases as you want, allowing full integration in Continuous Integration Processes and tools whitout extra charges
Yes Yes Yes
Maximum number of Files

Maximum number of files that can be stored in Bill of Materials and catalogs
2 000 20 000 500 000
Components Catalog

Manage your own Component Catalog for a full software tracking solution
Yes Yes Yes
Custom Export

Export your Bill of Materials Reports and your Catalog informations in CSV/XLS files and custom pdf report
Yes Yes Yes
1 month license

$0 $540 $3,500
6 months license

$0 $860 $5,600
12 months license

$0 $1,080 $7,000
Multi Source Tracking
Open Source Detection

Scans your software files and check if there are Open Source in Antepedia 
Yes Yes Yes
License detection by File Type

Scans your software file(s) for Open Source code, and verifies license information
All All All
Fossology Scan

Provides the opportunity to integrate Fossology license & copyright informations
All All All
SPDX License Matching

Cross references SPDX Licenses to provide a standard license name
Yes Yes Yes
Policy Compliance

Prioritize specific protocols to adhere to internal regulations by priority ranking of the various licenses
Yes Yes Yes
Knowledge base Support
External Components Catalog

Imports trusted components catalog that has been approved (csv)
Yes Yes Yes
Bill of Materials Export

Export Bill of materials (xls, ods, csv)
Yes Yes Yes
Maven Support

Dependencies declared in pom.xml are automatically integrated in BoMs
Yes Yes Yes
PostgresSQL / MySql

Replaces the internal HSQL Database Engine by PostgresSQL or MySQL
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Antepedia Labs
Vulnerability Tracking

Available in beta in the current version
Yes Yes Yes
Jenkins Plugin

Plugs into your Continuous Integration tool (Jenkins) and checks every source file, resource, and component of your source code
Client Services
Antepedia Community Support

Yes Yes Yes

Providing email technical assistance on the adaptation of the software into your system
Yes Yes
Auditing on site

Consultant auditing of your open source at your offices
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Enterprise License
Training sessions

Videoconferencing or on site training session for your teams
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Antepedia on site Server

Private server installed at your place of business
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PostgresSQL / MySql

Replaces the internal HSQL Database Engine by PostgresSQL or MySQL
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Private Cloud Based KB

Host your private Knowledge Base on our Cloud service
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Private Fossology Server

Host & Manage your private Fossology Server
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